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The Apostolic Succession

Welcome! These informations offer you an overview to the structures of the Holy Roman Church and its cardinals, archbishops, bishops, auxiliary bishops in the dioceses of the world as well as the prefects, presidents, secretaries of the curia.


This Website was firstly published on May 1, 2003 in Germany and latest actualized on March 26, 2017.


Here you can find the titulars of the ecclesiastical circumscriptions of the Holy Roman Church since 1868 in . . .

  1. Africa
  2. America (Central-)
  3. America (North-)
  4. America (South-: Argentinia up to Brazil)
  5. America (South-: Ecuador up to Venezuela)
  6. Asia (Afghanistan up to Jordan)
  7. Asia (K [Cambodia] up to Z [Cyprus])
  8. Australia and Oceania
  9. Europe (Albania up to Ireland)
  10. Europe (Italy)
  11. Europe (Kosovo up to W [Belarus])
  12. the Roman Curia
  13. Apostolic Nunciatures and Delegations
  14. the Papal Diplomacy (Persons A - C)
  15. the Papal Diplomacy (Persons D - L)
  16. the Papal Diplomacy (Persons M - Q)
  17. the Papal Diplomacy (Persons R - Z)
  18. Synod of Bishops and Bishop's Conferences
  19. Titular Sees
  20. Clandestine Bishops.

Other topics:

  1. The diplomatic corps at the Holy See

  2. The length of the pontificates of the Supreme Pontiffs

  3. Saints, Blessed and Servants of God.

New Appointments and Necrology (1868 - 2017)

The College of Cardinals


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Roman Days

Contact: Martin-Wolters@t-online.de

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